We'd love to help increase retail sales, create an atmosphere of a strong team and quality customer service, ultimately increasing your spa's value and profits!

​Our spa-business based education can be customized to the needs of the spa's business. ​​Based off the topic chosen, the staff will be challenged to take an ordinary customer service requirement, and make it extraordinary. We do this through a positive mindset, a deeper knowledge of the spa's practices, listening skills, follow up skills, and the top FAQ's of great customer service.

Some of our best practices for customer service will be based off these fundamentals:

  • First & last impressions.
  • The customer is always right
  • Delivering past expectations
  • Follow up
  • Attentiveness & listening skills
  • Avoiding complacency
  • Consistency  
  • Communication

Customer Service will make or break a spa business! We can touch on all aspects & departments to customize your needs, from phone answering, email writing & replies, front desk greeting & checking guests out, to customer complaints, unreasonable demands, return of products & the many things in between that come up when working with the public.

Retail sales can be perfected from a few points; Selling, positioning, marketing & incentivizing! Let us help you where you need it the most! 

We can create provider or front desk sales classes, (group or one-on-one), we can help position your retail for the best potential of sales & create easy client driven navigation through your shelves, or we can help you create a value around your retail that speaks to your clients on why they need what you are selling! We can also help create incentives for both clients and staff to buy/sell retail!

I Love Spa Life, don't you?! And my goal is to ensure spa standards, quality, and service at the highest level possible while maintaining a warm, nurturing & friendly spa atmosphere, ultimately increasing value & profits! 

​I've been in the industry for over 13 years, and have been involved with many aspects of the spa world. I've been a local spa owner, director of world class spa in a resort setting, technical educator for various spa products/companies, specialized teacher in advanced massage for a massage school, advisory board member (for a massage school), CEU Provider for the NCBTMB, as well as a licensed MT, Esthetician & Nail Technician, to name a few. My vast knowledge & passion has propelled me to provide one of a kind SPA EDUCATION that is suited to your individual business needs.

I've had the opportunity to travel the country, and a small piece of the world studying and seeking all the spa information, trends & resources I can get, and now I am excited to share this information with you!



*Each spa/business is responsible to disclose any/all state laws/requirements that may affect the education and or topics within the education to keep within their state licensing in writing prior to the education.

Customer Service Support & Classes

*Prices, please contact us for pricing. We take pride in the individual & custom classes/support we create based on the needs of your business. Once we understand your business needs, budget and number of staff and the time frame you'd like us to complete the task, we will provide quote options for you to choose from. We create 'tiered' quotes for your business to choose from based off not only your financial budgets, but a variety of levels of information for you to choose from. 

Customer Service Topics​

  • ​Phone etiquette
  • Writing & replying to emails
  • Booking services / appointments
    • Hard-booking (gap free schedules)
    • Top Q's for booking
    • Up-selling
  • Confirming appointments
  • Greeting a customer
  • First / Last impressions
  • POS & checking out customers
  • Customer complaints
  • Unreasonable demands from clients
  • Returns of products
  • Grey areas of customer service​

Business Driven Classes 


Our spa-business driven classes cover both lecture & interactive education 

All categories cover a minimum of:
Body language, tone & appropriate conversations, etiquette, handling difficult employees, working with different personalities & how to edit communication, handling sensitive information, encouraging your team, leading by example & any specifics the business would like to cover.

Team Building Topics

  • Creating a strong team & the strengths of different personality types working together
  • Strengths & weaknesses within the workplace
    • Veterans vs. the new hires
  • Cutting a toxic atmosphere
  • Educating staff on other departments
  • Effective Communication Topics:
    • Listening
    • Keeping an open mind
    • Avoiding 'hurt feelings'
  • Learn how to read your audience
    • Social ques
    • Speaking to different personality types
  • Group communication

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Team Building & Effective Communication

Retail Sales Support & Classes 

Communication... a topic that will continuously evolve. Effective communication means something different to everyone, and when we strive to understand where someone else is coming from we start to listen. When we listen with an open mind we allow ourselves to take our pride and feelings out of the equation and that topic can be resolved, answered or understood.

There is a real finesse or skill to effective communication. We won't be perfect at this all the time, but when we put in a good effort we build a strong team atmosphere. Our team building, effective communication classes work on unveiling the lack of information - or the culprits that begin to chisel away at our patients  we deal with at work, ultimately leading to insufficiency of communication and a weak team. We strive to enlighten your team on the 'why's' (communicating) of what your particular need is, and how to deliver this information to a group/your team. We all hear information differently, and we want to help you understand how to get your point/information across building the strongest team you can be!

Retail Sales Topics

  • The art of retail sale
  • Menu engineering

  • Retail layout

    • Shelf talkers

    • Prime shelves

    • Positioning best sellers

    • Clean / easy to navigate shelves

    • Adequate pars

  • Avoiding stale retail 

  • Goals & incentives

    • staff & client based

    • monthly / quarterly featured products

    • GWP's

  • How to create a value around your retail