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I Love Spa Life, don't you?! And my goal is to ensure spa standards, quality, and service at the highest level possible while maintaining a warm, nurturing & friendly spa atmosphere, ultimately increasing value & profits! 

​I've been in the industry for over 13 years
, and have been involved with many aspects of the spa world. I've been a local spa owner, director of world class spa in a resort setting, technical educator for various spa products/companies, specialized teacher in advanced massage for a massage school, advisory board member (for a massage school), CEU Provider for the NCBTMB, as well as a licensed MT, Esthetician & Nail Technician, to name a few. My vast knowledge & passion has propelled me to provide one of a kind SPA EDUCATION that is suited to your individual business needs.

I've had the opportunity to travel the country, and a small piece of the world studying and seeking all the spa information, trends & resources I can get, and now I am excited to share this information with you!



[Custom CEU classes can be created at request!]

Massage Continuing Education


Current list of approved classes:


  • 4.5 CE's  - Relieving Carpal Tunnel Medial & Lateral Epicondylitis 
  • 5 CE's - Understanding the Fundamentals and Developing Advanced Techniques
  • 6.5 CE's -  Relieving Frozen Shoulder Rotator Cuff & TOS 
  • 6.5 CE's  - Relieving Low Back Pain Sciatica Plantar Fasciitis & Shin Splints 
  • 6.5 CE's  - Relieving Neck Pain Headache Migraine & TMJ 


  • 3 CE's Using Stones with Reflexology 
  • 12 CE's Hot Stone Therapy 


  • 4.5 CE's - Body Mechanics - The Foundation to Long Term Success 
  • 8 CE's - Self Care for Massage Therapists - Body, Mind, and Spirit 


  • 5 CE's - Scalp & Facial Massage
  • 6.5 CE's - Spa Body Treatments - Mud Wraps & Aromatherapy - Wet/Dry Room 
  • 6.5 CE's - Spa Body Treatments - Hydrotherapy 
  • 6.5 CE's - Spa Body Treatments - Body Scrubs & Aromatherapy - Wet/Dry Room 

*Each spa/business is responsible to disclose any/all state laws/requirements/restrictions that may affect the education and or topics within the education to keep within their state licensing in writing prior to the education.

All classes can be done on an individual or group basis! 

Check our calendar for the next group class near you, or contact us to schedule one in your area!

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NCBTMB #451681-11

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