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I Love Spa Life, don't you?! And my goal is to ensure spa standards, quality, and service at the highest level possible while maintaining a warm, nurturing & friendly spa atmosphere, ultimately increasing value & profits! 

​I've been in the industry for over 13 years, and have been involved with many aspects of the spa world. I've been a local spa owner, director of world class spa in a resort setting, technical educator for various spa products/companies, specialized teacher in advanced massage for a massage school, advisory board member (for a massage school), CEU Provider for the NCBTMB, as well as a licensed MT, Esthetician & Nail Technician, to name a few. My vast knowledge & passion has propelled me to provide one of a kind SPA EDUCATION that is suited to your individual business needs.

I've had the opportunity to travel the country, and a small piece of the world studying and seeking all the spa information, trends & resources I can get, and now I am excited to share this information with you!



Secret Shopper Support

*Prices, please contact us for pricing. We take pride in the individual & custom services we create based on the needs of your business. Once we understand your business needs, budget and number of staff and time frame, we will provide two quote options for you to choose from. We create 'tiered' quotes for your business to choose from based off not only your financial budgets, but a variety of levels of information for you to choose from. 

*Each spa/business is responsible to disclose any/all state laws/requirements that may affect the education and or topics within the education to keep within their state licensing in writing prior to the education.


​​​Our Spa secret shopper support not only can help answer a variety of questions for your business, but we can help you prevent or improve upon standards that have fallen.

-These are just a few of the questions spa owners & managers are asking- 

How is my team performing?
Are treatment routines being followed?
Are standards being met in a service?
Is customer service at its best?
How are employees interacting with guests?

 After we understand the business's goals & areas of concern, we compile the information & offer a few options for you;

  1. We can supply a report back to you based off your goals compared against our experience, good and/or indifferent for you to keep as an informational reference. 
  2. Or, not only can we supply a report back -  we can create a customized plan of steps or education/classes on areas of concern based off our finding on how to improve any topics that are below spa standards.

     From there;

  1. Your team can take the information from the reports and execute the steps or education on your own, or-
  2. Our team can come in and train your staff on the steps / education needed to help improve the found topics. 

Our secret shoppers are also observing:
Body language, tone & appropriate conversations, etiquette, how staff works with other employees, cleanliness from staff, handling sensitive information, and other specifics the business would like covered