Prevent fallen standards, strengthen your team & keep a good reputation.

Our Spa secret shopper support not only can help answer a variety of questions for your business, but we can help you prevent or improve upon standards that have fallen.

How do know if your team all on the same page? Do they support your business's culture? Goals? & Mission? How do you know what is going on behind closed doors or customer service calls? 

We're here to help.

We know you're capable! But we also know you are busy! 

So let us lend a helping hand!


Let us help plan your next event, wellness week, new seasonal special or signature treatments indigenous to your area!

We LOVE the fun stuff, and we especially love to put together the DETAILS to execute a successful event, open house or launch party!


When is the last time you've opened your doors to your clients to come in for something other than your daily services?


After we understand the business's goals & areas of concern, we compile the information & offer a few options for you;

  1. We can supply a report back to you based off your goals compared against our experience, good and/or indifferent for you to keep as an informational reference. 

  2. Or, not only can we supply a report back -  we can create a customized plan of steps or education/classes on areas of concern based off our finding on how to improve any topics that are below spa standards. 

     From there;

  1. Your team can take the information from the reports and execute the steps or education on your own, or-

  2. Our team can come in and train your staff on the steps / education needed to help improve the found topics. 

Our secret shoppers are also observing:
Body language, tone & appropriate conversations, etiquette, how staff works with other employees, cleanliness from staff, handling sensitive information, and other specifics the business would like covered


We LOVE the fun stuff, and we especially love to put together the DETAILS to execute a successful event, open house or launch party!

Complete with a '90,60,30' day calendar, we offer comprehensive plans that help 'count down' the days and give you tasks to review, prepare and complete down to the last day to ensure a successful event! 

Want us to be there? We can do that too! 
A skilled member of our team can assist as you staff check clients in & out, sells retail, and complete treatments! We have qualified team members who'd help host the event, speak at engagements, provide mini-services, and be there to support your staff!

Marketing teasers

Email blast templates

Order reminders


Pre-pay lists

Plus more!

  • Create and/or support an open house

    • Create a buzz on the services of your business

    • Create 'mini-treatments' to showcase your services

  • Create and/or support a lunch & lecture!

    • ​Create a buzz around an hour to two hours of your spa's *choice information!

      • Example: ​*The makeup line you chose to carry and its benefits, The benefits behind regular massage, guided meditation, etc. 

  • Create and/or host a spa party

    • Ladies Night - Batchelorette parties - Mom & Me days - Sweet 16 parties - etc - the sky is the limit!

    • Holiday events!

  • Create and/or support the launch a new treatment or product(s)

    • ​Create 'mini-treatments' to introduce the new services & products used!

    • ​Launch new / seasonal speacials

  • Create and/or host a wellness week(end) or spa retreat

    • Create a day, weekend, or week based on your spa's direction!

  • Create and or host an appreciate night for loyal clents

    • A way to say thank you to your top clients and reward them for coming back to you!

  • Create and/or support the introduction of new staff

    • ​Create a buzz on you latest skilled addition to the team 

    • Support the build of new clientele


Need some inspiration? A fresh new signature treatment, or seasonal offering?


Or how about a self guided ritual? Something your clients can take home and enjoy a little bit of your spa every time they continue the ritual...

The value behind a signature treatment, self guided spa rituals or seasonal treatments are astounding! They are special treatments only your spa offers, which sets you apart. They speak to loyal clients that are looking to try something new, and it gives your staff something fresh and new to look forward to!

We can create new services, spa packages, seasonal specials, rituals, or retreats that are indigenous to your business's location, objectives and goals.

Not only can we create the idea behind your request, but we can create the protocols, verbiage & email blasts behind your new menu offerings! Making your job just a little simpler! 

Seasonal specials can be created with out buying into new products

Self guided rituals are profitable without labor hours

Signature treatments can be seasonal, or exclusive just for loyalty programs

Package creations can become great for gifting