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We want to create exemplary spa experiences for every spa guest that comes through your facility. We aspire to increase your customer return rate and service value, translating to increased new client numbers. 

We do this by challenging & reigniting the spark within every spa practitioner, and create an atmosphere where every spa guest feels the passion behind each and every treatment, purchase, interaction or retreat your spa offers. 

The value behind our goal is to maintain & increase the quality of your business, continue pushing the value of both, our industry as well as your spa to achieve even higher levels -ultimately increasing your bottom line!


As a 16 year spa professional, I know a great service when I get one! I also know what great customer service should be and I wanted to take my vast knowledge and passion to provide one of kind SPA EDUCATION & BUSINESS SUPPORT to help your business & our industry not only continue to be successful, but push it to even greater levels ultimately increasing your bottom line. 

What do we do differently? Its what we don't do - we do not offer cookie cutter classes, education or consulting. Instead, we take the time to understand what your business may want or need.  We customize every class, training and piece of education or support to fill the gaps that are unique to your business or to develop your business. We are here to help increase profits, perfect daily operations, and focus on therapist skills, confidence and reputation - rounding out and perfecting your business. 

As someone who's worked in all aspects of the spa industry, I know the value behind the details, and I have the unique ability to take a spa business, a great team or an individual therapist, and help make them extraordinary! 

I've had the opportunity to travel the country, and a small corner of the world within the spa industry studying, shadowing, discovering, exploring and seeking all the spa information, trends & resources I can get, and now I'm excited to share this information with you!

Jaime - Founder | Educator



The class was great, fast moving and interesting. The instructor remained focused throughout the day. She was very aware of everything in her surroundings.

CEU student

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